Slide Create Your Legacy

As THC continues to gain respect in the medical community, our company growth thrives via word of mouth. So we decided to take an underground approach in spreading the Legacy message around the world: The Legacy Experience

What in the world is a Legacy Experience?

A Legacy Experience is an opportunity to kick back and unwind with friends while exploring our infused products.

We bring everything from champagne, glass flutes, and of course THC Legacy products to create a safe, educational atmosphere to experience, learn, and heal. Each product is demonstrated and background information of the company’s mission is presented to your guests. They learn about the healing properties of THC while reveling in Tincture drops, beard oils, hair products, and more.

Each guest is given a Legendary Gold box with samples of each product, as well as the opportunity to order their own. As the host you receive 20% of all donations.

Interested in making extra side money? Have anyone in your family that suffers from our list of treated ailments? Host your own soirée! Contact us to set up your own THC Legacy Experience today!