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THC Legacy is a Licensed Distributor located in beautiful Washington, DC + Baltimore, MD. Our focus is supplying citizens with the highest quality, potent strain THC pain relieving products at a price that’s affordable for everyone.

Long before the promise, or thought, of legalization took hold in the DMV, THC Legacy has been researching medical marijuana. Through our earlier partnership with Johns Hopkins to create an effective THC recipe for oncology patients, and now our ACMPR License, we have learned and perfected many aspects of how to extract and blend great marijuana products. THC Legacy is proud to be part of this new emerging industry in the United States, and soon many other countries around the world.

With THC products as a healthy lain regimen alternative, Cannabis containing products are fast becoming a burgeoning industry in America. It is imperative to THC Legacy that the quality of our products come before the quantity. We like to give the people what they want – the best possible product for the lowest possible price. THC Legacy is passionate about using sustainable, organically grown methods + ingredients, using only the purest of nutrients, without pesticides or GMOs, to artistically create our healing retail.



THC Legacy is passionate about sourcing all our strains and inclusive ingredients organically, with the purest of nutrients void of exogenous chemicals.